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Ready to play up your feminine style? Find your personal Romance Colors!

You deserve to have fun playing up your style, and that includes your femininity, i.e. your girly, sexy, fun side! And I've got two fun & colorful ways for you to do just that!

February is a feminine, romantic kind of month. It's definitely my kind of month. And yet it makes a lot of women uncomfortable for just that reason.

I hear from way too many women who think they aren't allowed to play in those areas. They just don't think that femininity, sex appeal, and beauty includes their particular faces or bodies.

They're too old, too big, too tall, too butch, too average, too plain, too thin, too flat and too ugly to be included in that vaunted land of models, bombshells and Victoria's Secret Models.

But I am here to tell you: You have just as much right to explore your feminine style as anyone else.

And there is no better place to start than your daily style.

Nowhere is it easier to re-invent ourselves for a moment, a day, or a decade, in private or public, than in our closets. And while my girlie style is very much in your face, yours doesn't have to be. Feminine style is personal. It looks different on everyone.

You do not have to jump into the deep end immediately (or at all). It could be something pink and lacy you wear under the business suit, that no one but you knows about. It could changing up your lipstick on the weekend to a muted red, or venturing out in a feminine scarf with your usual attire.

So if you are waiting for permission that you are pretty enough, perfectly sized, and appropriately aged to wear the sexy, the pretty, the frilly, the hot pink and red... I am here to tell you that you are!

Now that we got that strait, on to the fun stuff!

We have two feminine archetype and two "palettes" to play with through the venue of color this month!

As you read on feel free to modify, pick more than one color in each category, decide to play with only one of the archetypes and not the other, or in any other way break the "rules."

It's your life, so you get to play it anyway you want. And that definitely includes your style.

Imagine for a moment going out on the town.....

... either with your girls for a big night out or going on a date with someone you absolutely adore, who's attention and admiration would feel amazing have on you.

....Whichever scenario feels the best.

Now, knowing you are in a safe group of people (or person) and that you get to feel like you are the center of attention, that all eyes are on you...

What would you wear in an ideal world where you looked and felt your best? A silk dress with tiny little straps? A sexy modern open pant suit? A cocktail dress?

And more importantly, what color would say feminine va-va-voom in that sexy outfit?

What color would look amazing on you, and make all the eyes in the room go straight to you? What color brings out your most playful, fun, sexy extroverted, feminine side?

It's going to be some version of "red," that works for your skin tone and personality, whether it's red, orange, pink or violet. Think hot pink, coral, burnt orange, wine red, tangerine, deep raspberry, plum, candy apple red, etc...

That color is your Date Night Color: It's your most playful extroverted, sexy, fun, & feminine side.

She's got two sides to her. She can be bold and sexy, think Marilyn Monroe in that pink dress singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

But she can also be very sophisticated and sharp. Parisians and Grace Kelly both are well known for their brightly colored red lips and sophisticated style.

This is the color to wear when you want to be "on" and bring out all of your particular brand of sexy charisma and star power to the forefront.

If you want to own the room in a feminine way, this is the color you want to wear.

Now that you have a color for her in mind, here are some questions to help you hone in on that version of you:

1. What does your version of extroverted and sexy look like?

Is she a girlie-girl who loves to laugh and flirt?

Is she the life of the party, the first one on the dance floor?

Or more of smokey seductress who draws people in with her magnetism and mystery?

Is she charmingly casual and funny?

It’s your dream, your world, feel free to think outside of the box.

2. What's her perfect date scenario?

3. What's on her playlist as she gets ready to go out?

4. What's her date night perfume?

5. What kinds of conversations does she love to talk about over dinner & drinks?

6. What is her favorite girls night out?

7. What's her signature cocktail or drink?

Champagne? Margaritas? Negroni?

8. How does she indulge her feminine side?

Does she love spa days? Mani and pedis? Shopping? Going to the ballet?

9. Where does she go to see and be seen?

Now that you know more about this playful fun side of you, you can play with her color. And it doesn't have to be a full on sexy-sexy dress, or even clothes at all. Though it certainly can be.

Instead think about a lipstick in her shade for the weekend.

Try her color out in a pedi or mani.

How about some sexy sexy lingerie in her overtly extroverted color?

Accessories are a great way to dip your toe in more if you discover you can't get enough of her bold and fun expression. Think scarves, purses, belts & shoes.

And my favorite way is by letting her show up in your decor. And no, you don't need to repaint the living room. How about a fesh bouquet of flowers in her color?

And it doesn't even have to be from a florist. Grocery stores now carry an astounding array of flowers in bright colors perfectly suited to your girl.

How about grabbing a few decor items, like a lacquer tray, or a candle or even a couple of coffee table books in her color and arranging them on a foyer table?

Scroll down to the image below showing you some fun ways you can employ these ideas!

And don't miss out on the Pinterest board filled with great images of the range of date night colors there are on all kinds of skin tones, body types and ages. Along with bouquets and decor ideas to get you started here:

You don't have to go out and a buy a dress in that shade, instead how about finding little ways to try her on. A bouquet of flowers in her shade is one of my favorite little ways to bring some of her vivaciousness into my life. But you could also try a bright bold lipstick, nail polish, etc. Scroll down the infographic below for more ideas on how to use this color and play with it.

Now on to that other Romance color, your Intimacy color...

Now imagine if you will...

Getting to be with your best friend, or your still-fresh-in-love partner for a relaxed and lazy weekend morning...

..maybe you're heading to that cozy brunch spot or that cool little indie coffee shop where you can cozy up for an deep and intimate conversation in one of the corners where no one will interrupt you....

You want to look like you, but the best, softest, most open and girlie version of you. Approachable and vulnerable.

What cute thing are you wearing? A soft ballet style wrap sweater in cashmere over jeans? A cute casual sundress and a jacket over top?

And more importantly, what color is it? What’s the color that brings out your most vulnerable, soft and quiet girly side?

It's going to be a color that is "you," but better, based on your skin tone. But you don't have to pick an exact replica of your particular shade of human being. Instead, you only need to find a "nude" color that makes you glow.

It could be ivory, petal pink, ballet peachy-pink, a sand color, tan, a chocolate or a burnt caramel brown. And if there is a "nude" color that makes you glow but is darker or lighter than your natural tone, by all means, pick it. You do you. ;)

This is your Intimacy Color: She embodies your softer, more vulnerable and more introverted girly side.

She's quieter, but no less sexy than her more overt and brighter sister color.

Nude and peachy-pink tones can be demure, think ballerinas and society dames in subdued upper crust colors, but they can also be super sexy. Think Kim Kardashian and Carrie Bradshaw's "naked" dress in Sex and the City back in the day.

Nude colors can allude to being completely bare, both physically, but also emotionally.

Where this color to seem softer, more approachable, open and natural. Even when it's super sexy!

So when you want to get closer to someone in a softer way, or create more intimacy this is the color to do it with.

With that in mind here are some questions to help you get in touch with your inner girly-girl introvert:

1. What is your version of soft, girlie and vulnerable look like?

Is she a bare-faced beach babe with salt water waves in her hair?

Is she a shy and charming Audrey Hepburn type, who has no idea how beautiful she is?

Is she an indie boho cool girl, who like jeans and a tee-shirt, and shopping for vinyl at flea markets?

Is she a quiet book worm, who loves reading outside in the park when it's warm and flipping her shoes off in the grass?

2. What is her idea of a great lazy weekend date?

Do you wake up and spend the morning snuggling with your person?

Or go the bakery and grab fresh croissants?

Or spend it waiting in line laughing together at the local pancake diner for brunch, just the two of you?

3. What is her favorite way to spend a night in solo?

4. Where does she go when she wants to be able to people watch without being"seen" ?

5. What's her favorite soft scent?

6. What kinds of conversations does she love to have one-on-one over a cozy cup of coffee? What does she love to talk about?

7. What's on her Weekend Morning playlist?

8. What environments and people does she feel safe and relaxed in? Where does she open up the most?

9. How does she indulge her soft, girlie feminine side?

Are nightly soaks in the tub her thing? Does she love have a soft and cozy robe? Fuzzy socks? Bookstore make her heart sing? Does she love to have warm beverage on hand, like tea or coffee?

Again, you don't have revamp your wardrobe. Think about the same things listed above for the Date Night Color. Try her on in a lipstick, nailpolish, an accessory and in your decor in small ways.

Check out the image below for more ideas.

And DO NOT forget the Pinterest board to see more examples of shades of your Intimacy Color on different skin types, ages and body types, along withother ways to use it, like in your makeup and decor here:

Happy February, dear reader! Here’s to a month of feminine style! In that vein I hope this blog helped you find your feminine style mojo!

If you’d like more help creating a life you love and getting really good, dare say confident at saying “no”, I’m here for it! The next step is to reach out for a coach. So, let’s chat, friend!

Book here for you FREE consult! It’s a fun way to get clarity, chat about what’s going on, and see what life coaching is all about!

With that, I’m off! I will see you all next week!

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