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July Journal Pages

How To Be Happier

Here it is!  All the videos, playsheets & journal pages for How to Be HappierAll ready for you to download!

Welcome to our July mini makeover where we are going to create more happiness in our life!  Everyone wants to be happier, it's pretty much why we do most of what we do ... We imagine that it will make us happier in the future.


But what about right now?  Wouldn't you like to be happier TODAY? And not just hoping, wishing & waiting for a better tomorrow?


Well, here's the first step: Give up on the idea that unhappiness can motivate you and instead recognize how happiness is a better motivator!

Watch the video below & click the title above to download the journal pages for today!

Week 1 of How to feel Happier: Your morning journal!

Now that you've completed your first journal page you have seen first hand that what we focus on determines a lot about how happy we feel, but also how much energy we have for pursuing new goals, dreams and other things that will make us happier...


It's time for our first little adventure in being happier: a morning journal practice that will focus our feelings and sense of happiness in less than 5 minutes!


That's going to provide you with a baseline of simple happiness, that we can build on as we go forward! You can find those journal pages here:

What does Happy feel like to you? Is it energetic? Freeing? Aliveness? Relaxing?


That's going to be an important question this week because.....

It's Week 2 of "How to be Happier" and this week we are going to focus on building on that base level of happiness we created in Week One.  Because it's all find & dandy to be happy by focusing one what we already have, but most of us don't just want to stay where we are.


Instead, we want to add more happiness  to that baseline.  We want more of the good stuff in our lives, don't we? More joy, more fun, more adventure, more peace, more beauty, more love... More Happiness!

And that's exactly what we are going to do this week!  But first, we need to get clear on what happiness is going to feel like for us because everybody has a very different sense of what happiness feels like & means to them.

So let's get clear on that & then have some fun adding that into our life daily in fun ways? Shall we? If you're ready watch the video & grab the download at the link above where it says "click here".

And hey, if you haven't join at the Facebook group for daily reminders, tips, inspiration and more community just like you!

A Mid week Check in & a Free Tip for MORE Happiness!

Hey there, How are those morning pages going? Are you doing them? I hope so!   And how would you like another FREE tip on how to effortlessly get happier this week?


It's in the video!

Week 3  Live out your Happiest Story

We often limit ourselves by believing in unhappy stories about ourselves, our lives & the possibilities for more happiness...


In fact, the more in our heads we get, for many of us the more unhappy we feel... But what if we could change that?  What if we could change it so we automatically told happier stories that actually *made* us happier? 


And better yet, actually fueled us to take actions that created more happiness for ourselves every day?

That's what week 3 of "How to be Happier" is all about! 


Get ready for a week of radical transformation by printing off the journal sheets in the title above and watching the video down below!

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