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Who is your Feminine Alter Ego?

And how can you let her out to play a little? Read on.

It’s interesting to think of all the feminine archetypes we don’t get to be. The forbidden alter egos of the feminine that live within us. The Bombshell, the Femme Fatale, the Princess, the Bad Ass Bitch, the Tomboy… The forbidden is different for all us.

If you want to figure out how to re-invigorate your every day life, ask yourself who is it you don’t get to be? And then use her to spice up your life.

I mean part of the magic of going out on those first dates when it’s really working is getting to be someone you don’t always normally get to be, and seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. He says were really funny, and we wonder, “ Am I? I never thought of myself that way.” Or maybe a new partner can get over how sexy we are, when we’re used to seeing ourselves as business only.

Why not juice up our lives for ourselves, and skip the middleman? Start small, keep it mysterious. Whether your alter ego is a girly Marilyn Monroe, smoky Lauren Bacall, fierce Noami Campbell or even Rock and roll kinda of Ruby Rose, why not try her on in little tiny doses. Not to change who you are, but too add a little fun to your day?

Why not add red lipstick to your day of errands if you’re ready to vamp it up? Or if that’s a bridge too far, how about just a bolder shade of lipstick then what you normally wear?

A leather blazer to your suit to bring out your rock and roll tomboy side? Or a little menswear to your usually girly flare?

How about some faux diamond earrings or a ring to your PTA mom vibe, if you’d like to bombshell it up a bit?

Is your alter ego a bit of a lush? Or a snob? Is she Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Then why not use the good dishes for take-out?

And don’t forget the spring in your step that some lacy red underthings can bring, even if it’s under basic jeans and a tee.

The idea, is to have fun, not create a new you. And don’t forget to factor in how she thinks. I swear I don’t think Marilyn Monroe every met a man she couldn’t charm, because she was so adept at finding whatever was delightful and sexy about the man in front of her, from the IT guy, to the coworker. Wouldn’t it be fun to just see if we can find something delightful about whatever man or woman is in front of us… Just for us?

You get the idea. Now onward, and have fun. And don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. ;)



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