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Romancing your Routine

A simple little plan to plot for your pleasure this week, and turn an ordinary routine into something so much better. Sound fun? I thought so.

The dishes. The laundry. Dinner to be made. Now back to the dishes. Vacuuming. Waiting for the kids at the pick up area. Buying Groceries. Getting the car washed. There’s always something that needs to be done and it rarely feels romantic. In fact, these kinds of mundane routines can feel like they’re eating up all our time. If you're feeling resentment, it’s understandable.

But if we’re going to get stuck doing it anyway, and not just once, but through out our entire lives, why not, just once, in the midst of February makes an effort to make one of these routine chores, also work for us? Why not make it a moving meditation and a time to restore? Are you game?

Step 1: What do you need in your life this week?

What are you craving? Pick a mood, any mood. Fun. Play. Silliness. Adventure. Rest. Quiet. Focus. Romance. Sensuality. Comfort.

Step 2: Pick a routine, any mundane chore that’s calling to you.

Anything from taking off your make up to doing the dishes or dinner prep. Even walking the dog.

Step 3: Plot for your pleasure.

Figure out one or two teeny tiny things to make it feel better and more inline with the mood you picked.

Need fun? Why not play sixties girl groups as you make dinner and sing along with the words you know?

Need romance? Switch it up to Michael Buble love songs as you chop. Pour yourself a glass of vino, as you sing along. Maybe even add some flowers to the kitchen.

Need calm? Light a candle and set your intention as you wash the dishes. Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea. Put on rain sounds, gregorian chants or keep it super quiet. Say a mantra as you wash, or just practice gratitude for the plates you have.

Need adventure and play? Add something new to your mix. Try a new scent of Dawn to wash the dishes or burn a candle in a scent you’ve never tried. Try a new vegetable at dinner.

Need laughter? Call someone who makes you laugh and put her on speaker as you fold the laundry and chat. Put on a favorite comedian, or reminisce with the sounds you loved at 14 years old.

You get the idea.

Step 4: Enact the plan.

Just once this week. That’s it. Repeat as necessary with different moods and chores, whenever it calls to you. Afterall, you don’t need to make every moment in your life magical, just a few select ones start to shift the way you live and feel about your life.



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