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How to Own Your Glamour ( Part 2: Inspiration)

Why is it so easy for us a women to add that dash of glitz and glamour to our home and holidays, and yet so hard for us to embrace it for ourselves? When I talk to women about their glamour I hear a lot of "who me? I can't be glamorous." But that's just not true!

And I'm here to help show you why, you to deserve to feel glamorous. Read on to find out more.

The most gorgeous woman in an elegant, flowing ball gown, confidently strolling down a street.


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Welcome back to part two of our discussion of the Art of getting the Glitz & Glam in to your life!

This week we're diving into the fun half and figuring out how we can get inspired to embrace our most glamorous selves! If you didn’t catch the love note from last week where we discussed the raison d'etre behind the season's glitz & glam you can catch it here:

And if you're all caught up, let's get started. And to do that I'd like to ask you a question I asked last week:

What's been stopping *you* from embracing glamor?

What reasons do you tell yourself about why *you* can't be glamorous?

Some of the things I hear frequently from all of us?

I'm too old. I'm not the right weight. I don't have the right body. I don't want to bring attention to my flaws. I will look ridiculous. I"m not pretty enough. My style is modest and glamorous means sexy, right? I don't wear dresses. I'm sporty. My style is too edgy for that. I'm not feminine enough. I'm too plain.

And the one that hurts the most: Why bother, it's like putting lipstick on a pig.

Oof! Ouch.... Some of us have a real killer instinct for squashing our own sense of confidence and joy in our lives, don't we. Our inner critic, that harsh voice in our head always seem to know instinctively how to go straight for our own personal jugular, doesn't it?

So to inspire us all, maybe we can undo a few of these misconceptions. First a simple little explanation of glamour:

Glamour is the art of elevating the ordinary, of using the best of what you've got to work with.

Please note: there is no sexy or sex appeal or cleavage or short skirts or big smokey eyes included in that definition. Glamour is about highlighting what makes you special. Not about turning yourself into someone you're not. Now, may I introduce you to some ladies who don't feel the same way you do about not embracing their glamour...




We can be glamorous at any age. Aging doesn't mean we have to stop playing, having fun or being seen as elegant, stylish, glam. Show off your best assets, your best self at any age.


Montage of incredible beauties over 65 looking every bit of glam.


Glamour doesn't have a weight limit. We can be expressive, beautiful and glamorous at any weight at any body type. Glamour isn't about what's perfect. It's about celebrating all of life.


Montage of glamorous women owning their curves, and bodies of various different weights.


Glamour embraces us all. It doesn't have a skin tone, ethnicity or certain facial features. It doesn't even have a certain kind of style. We can be sporty & glam. We can be modest & glam. We can be cute & glam. Or yes, even sexy & glam if we want to be. There is a type of glamour for us all.


Montage of women of all skin types, modesty levels, and varios different styles looking glamorous

Glamour is the ability that women have embraced from the beginning of time to turn the ordinary into a little magical bit of extraordinary by joyfully celebrating it with some some color and cheer.

And we do it effortlessly and without all the drama when it comes to our homes. Why is it that you'll never hear a woman lamenting that her house is too big, too small, too misshapen to put up a little holiday decor. Or suggesting hat she has to wait for another year to decorate for a holiday or birthday until she gets the whole place perfect. No. When it comes to our houses we own our right to celebrate life with some sparkle and tinsel, and we feel guilt free about doing it with some pizzazz. Some glitz and glam.

So why is it so hard to apply that same feeling to ourselves?

To own our right to celebrate our life and our uniqueness by applying a little elevating and decorating to that too?


So this week, if you'd like to play... Make a little list of three things you like about yourself. Three unique things about you:

  • 1 unique physical trait: The color of your eyes. The why you have your dad's smile and it reminds you of him. Your height. You tiny feet. Your fabulous head of hair.

  • 1 personality trait: Do you laugh easily? Are you bubbly and sparkly with everybody? Are you a fantastic listener?

  • 1 creative thing: Do you bake the world's best cookies? Do you set a gorgeous table? Do you quilt beautiful things?

And keep adding to the list. The more you know about you? The more you have to elevate.

And before you even say it... No, it's not selfish, attention-getting or even self-centered. As you will find out, people love to be dazzled by your unique talents! It's fun for us all to see the extraordinary in the people and places around us.


Next Week… We'll Discover a Fun Way to Play with Glitz & Glam!


Desirée Sommer is a former Interior Designer & Writer dedicated to helping those around her to Beautify, Style & make their lives Fun again! She happily resides in the rural beauty of Idaho with her pet pooch Bree, where she gets to take epic hikes, and plot her next big travel escapade. Her favorite things include traveling, fil eam & anything French or Italian. Oh, and dancing! Always dancing!


Are you ready to be inspired to find more Glamour in your Life?




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