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Stop Hustling & Start Savoring your Life! Here's why...

Wanna love your life more? Create more luscious memories to carry with you over a lifetime? Wanna fall in love with the people, creations and achievements you've already accomplished? Sumptuous savoring is the way... Read on to find out more!

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Happy Friday Beautiful!

I have been waiting to talk to you all week! I've just been so excited about this topic! So, what is it? What could have me on the edge of my seat all week?

Sumptuous Savoring \ verb \ ˈsāvər \

1 : to enjoy or appreciate completely, especially by dwelling on it.

2 : to taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.

And I love the idea of this completely... To taste your life, like tasting really good food or drink. To slow down, be present, enjoy the experience — your surroundings, the company, the conversation.

To delight in your life, as it is now. To take pleasure in it.

Imagine settling into your life, melting into the best parts of it. Imagine slow meals and long enjoyable conversations with the people you already know and love.

Imagine feeling warm and fuzzy, and, yes, even proud about what you’ve already achieved. Imagining enjoying what’s already come before. Delighting at what is already working.

Doesn’t it just make you want to let out a big breath of air, of tension and relax? It feels amazing, even on paper, right?

Savoring the beauty, the delight in your life right now.

Photo collage of a woman in a field of flowers, kids splashing in a lake, a woman on a rope swing by the ocean, and a woman in a white dress lying in the grass

The opposite of this is hustling -- its the arena goals, achievement and luxury buying— buying stuff, from expensive vacations to jet skis and sleek RVs,to online shopping of all kinds. Buying beyond our a simple need.

And that can be fun. You’ll never hearing me saying it can’t be, or that there's something wrong with it.

But when did these activities become the only way to have fun — to take pleasure in our lives?

And in fact, a steady diet of this kind of "fun" can dry us out, and leave us, - not just cranky, but off-kilter and feeling unfulfilled.

Leisure isn’t leisure anymore when it’s put into that kind of frame. It’s just more work & striving.

And that's where savoring comes in.

When we re-frame "leisure time" as Savoring Time, -- time to delight in our lives as they are now, -- we can find new ways to play, to experience fun & pleasure outside of working.

When we savor, instead of hustle?

We slow down, we settle in to our lives and really taste them.

We make a point to linger over the beautiful things,

the pleasurable things in our lives.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Does that mean there’s no place for hustle in our leisure time? No place for luxury items or expensive “toys” like boats or skis or expensive vacations?

Absolutely not. I happen to love the hustle in my own life.

Savoring simply adds a sense of lushness and enjoyment to our ordinary-extraordinary lives regularly.

It means living a good life.

]And a good life is a life that’s made up of good days.

Savoring let’s us get there.

It teaches us to fill our everyday with delicious moments that we can enjoy — fully! To stop buying or achieving and celebrate and enjoy and what we have, not simply keep running & hustling for more all the time.

& with that...

Are you ready to sumptuously savor?

Then let’s get inspired!


1 Quote


“I've always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we'll have.”

― Anna Godbersen


2 Inspiration


A 3 minute video about the art of savoring life that resonates...

“Savoring is the permission to let what is real life within us, come out.”

After watching, pull out your journal & ask yourself:

What moments from this week did you slow down enough to savor?

How can you make a practice of adding in more moments to savor in your life?

What is the mental shift you need to make to be able to do that?


"What are the things that regularly get between you and being present with another, with yourself, with your life?"


3 Weekly Way to Play

Woman wearing a beautiful daring leopard print dress

A Date to Savor

Our 5 senses are often the best way to get us truly present. This week pick something tasty to savor.

It could be one exquisite piece of chocolate. A glass of wine. A ripe, juicy, perfect peach.

Create or find a beautiful place to enjoy it.

Sit down. Take it in.

Use your eyes to visually feast on it. Does this thing have an enticing scent?

Take some time to imagine what it’s going to taste like. Anticipate it.

Now indulge yourself and take a bite. Really notice the taste. Linger over it.

Now, how did that feel? Did it make an ordinary moment feel special? Luscious?


Now imagine applying those same principles to more moments in your life.

Imagine finding ways to savor what you have right now, to grow your life in direct proportion to just how well you are staying present within it, and noticing what you already have.

What could be more beautiful than living in the moment, savoring it, & finding exactly what you needed within it?

Wishing you much to savor this weekend!

All my love,


Desiree Sommer


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