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The Art of Glitz & Glamour (Part 1: the Love Note)

One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is the way we embrace the glitz and the glam. From tinsel on the tree, to bright and merry lights, to all the shiny baubles we adorn our homes with. We feel perfectly within our rights to glam up the ordinary in our home.

So why is it so hard for so many of us to give ourselves permission to glam up and elevate our ordinary selves? And how can we learn to safely, boldly embrace a little of the glamour of the season? Read on to find out more.

An a glam woman in the most amazing holiday damask pant suit, drop earrings and natural hair.


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Happy Friday Beautiful! I'm not sure you noticed (ha!) but It's the most wonderful time of the year! And despite the stresses of the season, I do really look forward to it from September on. And it may not be for the reasons you think... I love the traditions I have for the Holiday season. Putting the tinsel on the tree, or anything else! Sprucing up the mantel or house with some gleaming lights and beautiful shiny baubles! And just generally gilding the lily anywhere I can in the house! That is all well and lovely.

But the thing I like most about this time of year?

Is the glamour I get to indulge in as a woman.

The parties and the holiday cheer mean it's the perfect time for me to pull out that party dress and put a little tinsel and a few shiny baubles on me. The Party dress. Or that special outfit you have. You know the one...

That black number in the back of your closet, the one that looks so chic with a pair elegant stockings and some heels? Or maybe yours is a tailored black silk pantsuit that hits in just the right places. Or a green velvet number that makes your eyes sparkle.

That outfit or pair of party shoes that too often sits in the closet waiting for an occasion to be worthy of it. Waiting for us to decide to show up to the party.

The Holiday season is the perfect excuse to indulge in the glamour we so often save for later... when we're more worthy of it, or the day is more special. Parties and toasts, gatherings of friends practically begs for gilding the lily all around, including adorning ourselves a little. From putting out the pretty plates, to putting on the sparkly emerald earrings, or just a quick swipe of a little artful cranberry red lipstick if you dare…

The house, the wardrobe, the food… It really is the season of glitz and glam.

It’s the time of year where we all have a little permission to play with glamour. To live it up and throw the party. Or .. even just attend one. And if you aren’t used to playing around with the glamorous stuff of life, or don’t feel you have permission to put on the ritz in your everyday life? Well, I’d like to formally invite you to the party this season. The glamour and glitz party. Because there is no better season to play at elevating the ordinary, including your ordinary self than in this one. You've got the invitation, will you accept? Will you decide to try your hand at a little

glitz & glamour?

Only you can decide. But here is a little video from Ralph Lauren to get you in the mood.

And that's what we're talking about this month:

The Art of Glamour & Glitz!

To get the ball rolling this week I’d like you to think about what glamour means to you…

Is it out of reach? Does it seems scary or tantalizing? Is glamour dangerous or fun? What stops you from feeling like you get to be glamorous?

This week… play some music that makes you feel glamorous and in the party mood.

Much Love!


Desiree Sommer


Next Week… We’ll dig into some Inspiration for Getting Glam no matter who you are, how old you are, or what your body shape/size is...


Desirée Sommer is a former Interior Designer & Writer dedicated to helping those around her to Beautify, Style & make their lives Fun again! She happily resides in the rural beauty of Idaho with her pet pooch Bree, where she gets to take epic hikes, and plot her next big travel escapade. Her favorite things include traveling, film & anything French or Italian. Oh, and dancing! Always dancing!


Are you ready to be inspired to find your next new direction?




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