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Spring Feminine Fun: Longing to find your Feminine side? Have fun discovering it through your home

Feeling the longing to rediscover your feminine side? That side of you that you’re required to put aside for work, that side that maybe you, like so many others feel excluded and left out from? If that’s you, then read on for one fun way to get back in touch with her through your home.

Three adorable porcelain birds with the words:  Sping Feminine Fun, the home edition, blazoned over them

Hey, I’m all for the masculine side of life! But why does it seem like we live in a world that only really values the masculine side of things?

Whatever happened to giving equal credit and due to the feminine in our lives? Even James Brown knew that even if it was a man’s world, it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman... or the feminine.

If that’s true, why do so many of us feel left out of the game? Encouraged to embrace work, productivity and the masculine, to the exclusion of the "frivolous" feminine? And yet…

What is our world without laughter? Without connection? Without fun and play?

What is our world worth if there is only work and no artistry, no enjoyment, and no time to relax or enjoy all we’ve achieved?

With that in mind, why not take a little foray into the feminine this week? But that begs the question, what does the feminine in us even want?

I mean, we all have a pretty good idea what the masculine loves and wants, right? Goals, objectives, work, hustling, competition. But what, oh what, in the world does the sumptuous feminine in us love?

Well, if one of the masculine archetypes is that of a builder and achiever, than it goes to reason that one of the feminine archetypes within us represents the flips side of that coin:

She's an artist. She creates for the pure expressive beauty of it.

She’s a lover of beauty. She's devoted to the aesthetics of harmony, proportion, and taste.

And if we want to find her, we're going to have to discover how to be artists and lovers of beauty in our own lives.

And the perfect place to start this spring? Our very own homes.

After all, the feminine isn’t going to settle for mere shelter, or simply four walls and a roof over our heads. Not when she can have a beautiful palace to live and love in.

So this Spring, pull out your journal and contemplate:

What thing of beauty and femininity can you create in your space?

How can you bring Springtime pleasure into your home this week?


And to get you going, here are some small do-able ways to play at finding her this Spring...

  • Can you arrange a bouquet of daffodils? A pretty bouquet of tulips?

  • Can you spruce up the coffee table with a few Spring themed books?

I have themes I love to play with this time of year, displaying my books on Paris and spring, and some stunning coffee table books on famous gardens. How about you? What would you like your Spring coffee table to say about you? Be the feminine artist of your coffee table decor.

  • Is it time to pull out the Spring time decor?

Maybe that's Easter or something different for you. Perhaps you have a beautiful collection of bunnies you like to put out on display, or some porcelain birds you've collected over the years? I happen to adore bringing out a collection of beautifully displayed butterflies and putting them on the mantle sometime in Spring.

  • How about switching out your usual tablecloth and napkins for some brightly hued ones in a spring-time motif?

Even buying some pretty floral paper napkins can brighten up an ordinary meal, and turn it into an occasion. And the feminine within us, loves an occasion.

  • Can you change your home’s scent to something fresh and evocative of Spring?

The feminine within us is sensual. She loves to have her senses tickled, so why not pick a lighter fragrance, like citrus or floral to wake up her?

  • Can you bring in a branch of tightly budded forsythia? Or from a magnolia tree?

  • How about buying a pot of Lily-of-the-Valley’s or some Easter Lilies?

  • Can you set a gorgeous spring table with some of your flower patterned china?

  • How about sprucing up your front door with a Spring wreath or a pot of scented Hyacinths by the door?

  • Could you add a little whimsy to your interior entryway by putting out some brightly colored umbrellas and a pair of flowery rain boots?

  • Does some part of your home need some freshening up? Maybe a fresh coat of paint? A need rug? How can you give your home some needed springtime make-over zip?

  • Do you work from home or have an at home desk? How can you bring in some needed springtime whimsy to brighten it up?

Perhaps some bright yellow accessories? I love having some brightly colored Kate Spade floral pens to add to my desk this time of year. And even switch out the ink in my fountain pens to something the says spring, like a soft green or pale coral pink.

  • Spring time is all about the morning ritual for me. What about you? Where in your home do you sip your coffee or tea, and what does that little corner of your world look like? How might you beautify it?


Your turn…. Make your own list of way you might be a feminine artist, and taste-maker in your own home, just for you... Just for your pleasure.


Hey there! I hope this helped you to connect more with your feminine side, and your deeper desire for beauty. It’s natural to want to achieve and set our own course in the world, but I hope I’ve given you ample proof that it’s just as natural to want to enjoy our world and make it a pleasure to be in.

And I hope I’ve suggested to you, that you don’t have to choose between the masculine values and the feminine. No matter who you are you have a right to embody and embrace all of you.

Much love,

Desirée Sommer


Who am I? I am a former Interior Designer, and a current Writer/Speaker who helps people just like you Style, Beautify and make their lives Fun again!

I happily resides in the rural beauty of Idaho with my pet pooch Bree, where I get to take epic hikes, and plot my next big adventure/road trip/travel destination.


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