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Stuck? Lost Direction? Being Bold is the secret to getting everything

“Fortune favors the Bold,” in life (and style). So if we want to move forward and make waves in our lives we have to learn to live boldly, or so we’re told. But that just begs the question, what the hell is boldness, how do we go about implementing it? Read on to discover.

Bold, beauitful woman in sunglasses with the words "How to be Bold with a Purpose."

March is made for Boldness. Bold weather. Bold luck. Bold style. And most of all Bold action.

March is the perfect time for playing around with being boldly ourselves, and moving forward in life with the sense of zest and joie de vivre that comes when we are playing full-out.

But, that begs the question, just what is boldness? And how do we embody it?

Boldness is when you step into being the most vivid and saturated version of you.

It’s when you fully own your values, your style, your ideas, and the essence of you, and you show up to be seen as just that person.

Boldness is when you stop dialing down who you are to the most tepid or safe version of yourself out in order to blend in or fit in.

And I know what you’re thinking: “That sounds risky. People might not like me. People might be turned off by me being the boldest versions of myself.”

And, you know what, they might. So why risk it? Why not just spend your life playing it safe and blending in?

Well, let me demonstrate with a little thought exercise:

I’m going to throw out some categories here, and I’d like you to think of your favorite people in each category.

What are your favorite Fashion designers & Brands?

  • Versace? Bland or bold?

  • Alexander McQueen? Boring or bold

  • Karl Lagerfeld?

From Left to right, Versace dress, McQueen, and last Karl Lagerfeld

I know you think I’m cheating by picking the most outrageous of designers. But let me ask you this…

  • Giorgio Armani?

Is he bold in his clean, classic lines? Or tepid? Does he ever try to spice up his brand with ruffles, lace and tulle? Or is he absolutely, vividly, boldly clear on who he is and his brand? Clean, clear, perfect modern lines.

What about Fashionistas and women of style you look up to….?

  • Daphne Guinness? Definitely bold, right?

  • Blake Lively? She’s known for her glamour, not her edge. But she’s very clear on who she is, and guess what? She’s bold in it. You don’t have to be edgy to be bold.

  • Jackie O? She had classical style, and she owned it. She didn’t need to stray from who she was, she simply needed to be bold in owning it.

From left to right, Daphne, Blake and Jackie.

But let’s go further, what about famous business women?

  • Anna Wintour, the ice goddess of Vogue. Bold or timid? Bold. She knows what she likes, she trusts her gut, and she boldly goes for it.

  • Oprah? Would you say she’s retiring and shy in her business moves? Going from news reporter to talk show, opening her own magazine and now her own TV channel? I’d say bold.

  • Martha Stewart? Bold in her biz, or meek? She started out as a stockbroker, and then opened a catering business in her basement. Bold.

Do they seem like they’re making quiet decisions in their business? Are they succeeding by blending in and playing it by the rules?

Or do they win by making bold moves based on who they are?

Are you sensing a theme here? I hope so.

Because living the life of your dreams requires you showing up and styling yourself for it.

Bold is a style of living and acting. One that will get you way farther than following the rules and playing it safe.

Bold is a way being in the world. And it’s the only one that will move you forward. In your style, in your life, and in your goals.

There is no way to play it safe and boring and get the life you want. Not anymore. You have to be willing to be seen. And the great thing about Bold, is that it isn’t one size fits all. Bold is going to look different on everyone, because it’s based on who we are.

You can be boldly stylish and boldly successful in a way that caters to who you are as a person and what you value. In fact, it’s the only way you can successfully do it.

Winning at life, requires stepping into your Boldness.

But more than that:

It’s also infinitely more playful, zesty and filled with joie de vivre.

Haven’t you noticed?

It’s the people playing boldly in their lives and showing up to be seen who look like they’re having the most fun. Because they are. Don’t *you* want to feel that for yourself?

I hope the answer to that is wholehearted Yes. And if it is, start today.

Be bold, but with a purpose.

Where are you being called to be bolder in your life and style? Where is your intuition and gut pulling at you to go bolder?

Maybe it’s to wear the damn dress. Maybe it’s to buy the tickets to that big event. Maybe it’s to pitch that fantastic business idea.

Wherever it is: Go there.

You can’t go wrong being bold, when you’re being true to yourself.


Hey, I hope that has helped you to rediscover your own personal brand of boldness, in your life, your goals, and as always, in your style.

If you’d like more help in getting traction on your life and style, if you’d like to play in your boldness even more, that is exactly what I do!

I am a life coach for those ready to style, beautify and make their lives fun again! And Being BOLD is a huge part of that!

But going it alone is tough. It's easier doing with someone!

So if you’re ready that, book here for you FREE consult! It’s a fun way to get clarity, chat about what’s going on, and see what life coaching is all about!

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