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8 Ways to Play with Showing up Boldly this week (just for you)

Ready to up-level your life and fun? Is it time try something new, something Bolder?

Our lives grow in proportion to our willingness to show up boldly in them and be seen. Here’s six ways to play with making a Bold Impact, and have fun doing it.

Leopard print photo with the words "8 ways to play with Bold." emblazoned on it.
“It’s only by being bold that you get anywhere.”

- Richard Branson

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s the necessity of being bold; taking small, do-able risks and having fun doing it. In that vein, here are 8 ways you can follow along and start making more space for your big, bold dreams to come to fruition in, too.

1. Show up to be seen this week

Walk the runway of your life & dare to be seen: Wear the bold color, the statement necklace, the heels. Be a standout with bold lipstick, or a bold eye. Wear a bold print confidently. Leopard anyone? Wear your power perfume. Don’t have one? Find one (hint: it doesn’t have to be loud, it only has to make you feel, sexy, powerful and lit).

2. Own your Attitude

Challenge your current level thinking by embracing bold new thoughts this week and making them your new normal. Exchange old thinking for a bold mantras: "I've got this. I know what I'm doing. I know I look good. I love the bold me. This just keeps getting better and better."

3. Ask for things Confidently

Ask for something you normally wouldn’t this week. Be playful and light with it & realize it doesn't matter if you get it or not, the boldness is in the asking. Not in the receiving. Ask to be kissed just the way you like. Ask your partner to bring you a cup of coffee in the morning. Ask a friend to tell you what they love about you.

4. Own your Personal Space

What is your body language, your posture or even your stride say about you? Today, practice gently elevating how you take up space. Play around with striking a confident pose. Lean back in your seat during a meeting, sit up straight and tall at a restaurant or table, and step into places with long confident strides. Channel your favorite power player and embody their bold body language.

5. Practice the Power Pause

People with power don't people please. They don't rush in with an immediate "yes." They boldly protect their time & boundaries. So this week practice the same: give yourself space to consider your options and even to potentially say "no." The next time someone makes a casual demand on your time practicing saying: "Let me check my calendar." It never hurts to pause, even if you plan to ultimately say "yes."

6. Be Unapologetic in Treating Yourself

Buy something you’ve had your eye on this week, just for yourself. Those earrings. Some beautiful flowers. Maybe even that spa day you've been dreaming about for awhile. Or how about that vacation you know you need & our overdue for. Stop waiting for someone else to show up and buy it for you. Be a boss and boldly buy it for yourself.

7. Elevate your Time

What do you love doing? What is your best time of day? What is your favorite ritual in your day? How can you spend more time there? What could you delegate? And what could you easily pay someone else to do for you, so you can free up your time? Do you really need to clean your own floors? Or do you have the resources to pay someone else to help you? Where are you being cheap with yourself or your time? And how can you tip the scale back the other way?

8. Fearlessly Play in the Forbidden

What are the things you've been dying to try that aren't you? What things have you decided are forbidden to you? Did you decide that you aren't feminine enough for pink & ruffles, and yet... You long to play in your femininity? Make you aren't pretty enough in your own mind to be sexy, but you wonder what it feel like to embrace that?

Make it a point to play in those areas: Try on a hint of the sexy red lipstick, throw on a lacy pink bra under the tee-shirt and jacket. Try out being a little edgy with a leather bracelet or a winged liner. Expanding our repertoire and facing our fears, even in teeny tiny steps, always fosters are sense of boldness and confidence.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy playing in the bold. Realize that the results of your boldness are far less important than that you ventured out into new territory. That alone create the confidence, the boldness and the sizzle so many of us are seeking in our lives.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope that helped you to have fun discovering your own personal brand of boldness, in your life, your goals, and as always, in your style.

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