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Photo of Desiree sommer

I'm Desirée Sommer

I'm a certified life coach, an author, & a psychological success advocate who can help you get the results you want to live the life you dream about.

For over the last 5 years, I’ve supported men & women just like you to find their authentic wisdom, gifts and often hidden talents that they possess to get to the finish line of that big dream they have.

Whether that dream was weight loss, getting in touch with their style and femininity, reconnecting with their love life, becoming more playful, getting published, or finally abolishing that bad habit!

Let's start something big together

Photo of Desiree Sommer

If you want to unshame your desires, tap into the wisdom of your subconscious to get results the fun way, by being playful & free, then here are the best ways to engage with me:

  • Eager to delve deeply into your own psychology of shame & success? Want to learn how to practically apply this work to every area of your life? I offer my most transformative self-paced 6-week course (coming soon)!


But I've also discovered that most teachers of self-help & life coaches

overlook one essential point of healing, happiness & success:

Your deepest pleasures, dreams, desires & even difficulties are not meant to be ignored or exiled.

On the contrary, they are here to help you become vibrantly, radiantly authentic & successful.

I weave this connection into all of the work I do, that:

You aren't wrong.  You aren't broken. And you don't need to be fixed.

You just need to be given better tools.

Over the past years, I have been on a journey to help myself and others to get to their dreams, and live better lives through a sense of play, joy and by following their most profound desires and implulses. 


In that journey I have studied with many well known life coaches, personally taken more than a dozen coaching programs myself, gone across the United States and even the globe in intensive retreats, written 2 free books, and impacted over a 100 lives.



Let's find a better way to get you to your dreams,

your goals & your happiest life...

One that is gentle, shame-free, & uses all your brilliant skills, tools and strengths to help you create

a tailor-made path that is yours, & yours alone.


Let's harness the itality of your truest self to bring you into deeper alignment with your life.

My own journey began after college, when despite great high hope & fantastic grades, in the real world, I was failing...

In college I had excelled with great grades, a good rapport with my professors, & even winning multiple awards & design competitions.  After graduation I left with strong skills in my degree & sterling references.  I thought it would be easy to keep it all going.


But even though I had everything going for me after college, I was still floundering.


I was holding down a job, getting a paycheck (tiny as it was) & to my supervisors I was a star employee.  But I wasn't making any strides towards working on my own as a designer.  Worse, I wasn't traveling, or earning big money.   I wasn't finding the love of my life or becoming the woman I had always imagined I would be...  Instead, I was in a holding pattern.


Go to work, go home, think about everything I still longed for, vow to do better the next day... Only to do the same pattern all over again the next day.

I had the thought more than once that,

"Maybe I was broken."

And every few months or so, I get tired of feeling that way, so I'd set new goals and intentions. 


I'd buy self-help and success books.  I'd join expensive programs designed to help hold me accountable, but nothing would stick.

And if none of that could help me, then I had to begin to wonder:

Maybe I wasn't just broken, maybe I couldn't even be fixed.

Maybe I didn't have what it takes to make it. Maybe I wasn't enough.

Sadly, every day within my practice as a life coach &  success advocate I see this same pattern reflected back to me in so many other bright men and women.  I've met so many people trying to fix themselves based on this belief that there's something wrong with them.


But from my own experiences I know that this belief just isn't true & isn't helpful.  And I also know that there's a better way to go after the life you want -- one that is authentic, kind, compassionate, joyful, fun and fueled by passion, not worry, anxiety or beating yourself up.

And you don't have to find your own way by trial and error like I did.  Or go it alone.  The path to success works better when it's connected to community.  It gets easier when we do things with connection and support. 

And that's why I developed this community and coaching space.  As a radical way to combat all the SMART goals and pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps self-help and life coaching out there that actually creates more shame, anxiety, and holding patterns keeping you stuck in your life.

The truth is, you can't do it alone.


No one does.  If you want to live out your

dreams & desires, and make it to the finish line

you're going to need support.


And the old tools for self-help success just don't work.

The old tools may sell books with their easy cookie-cutter recipes for success, but they don't actually work to unshame you, unblock you, or help you find the path to your goals that will work for you. 


You are unique, your path to success is going to be just as unique as you are!

It wasn't until I discovered this & found a coach I connected with that I was able to change course on my life and branch out on my own.

 I found my way back to that confident, full of dreams & ambition, fun go-getter:

I traveled to Paris on my own.

Lived in New York City.

Started writing screen plays and taking film classes.

Started my own solo boutique marketing design firm.

Traveled to wilderness areas of Southern California to work with wild horses & learn horse whispering.

I've went through life coach training and certification, all on my own.

And started a new career as success advocate & certified life coach

And this is what I do for my clients as well.

I help you get the magic back in your life & reach the finish line of all the stuff you really want in your life, from big dreams to tiny desires. 

So if that sounds good to you… come step into my world.  What do you have to lose?


What new desires will you finally go after that will give your life an added boost

& make you more vibrantly, authentically alive?

What dreams might you achieve that will give your

life meaning & beauty to it?

There's only one way to find out, & I hope to see you there!

With love,

 Desiree Sommer!

My main credential is my own journey
to success& authenticity,

but if you want to know more about my full range
of experience and exp

Photo of Desiree Sommer
  • Graduated from the Sante Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies where I mentored with David Bedrick the found with over 30 years of clinical work over a 10 month program with certification.

  • I continue to take seminars & webinars from the Process Work Institute to continue my education.

  • I trained as a Life Coach with the Martha Beck led Wayfinders Coach training where I learned client-led techniques for coaching, and did work with Byron Katie's method.

  • I attended in person weekend workshops mutliple times with Koelle Simpson working with Wild Horses in the California outback where we were guided through the process horse whispering.

  • I have studied under  Tonya Leigh in her coaching programs for Slim,Chic & Savvy, French Immersion, the Secret Society, The School of Self-Image and many more for over 10 years. Including being mentored by her in her 1 on 1 programs in former years.

  • I attended Self-Coaching Scholars where I was coached using many of Brooke Castillo's tools and coaching methods.

  • I have written two free e-books on finding pleasure in your life, & am currently writing two more! Along with making a new self-guided program on how to find the right goal for you!

  • I have been working one on one with clients in my coaching practice for over 5 years now, with the last two years focusing on helping clients find success!

  • I have ran a solo boutique marketing firm for over 10 years & was featured as a marketing designer in Jay Geier's Great Big Marketing Seminar.

  • I graudated with two degrees in Interior Design (with a minor in Architecture) & Set Design for Theatre, with a 3.8 GPA!

But my main credential is that I suffered for over 20 years,trying to figure out how to ignite my potential, make real world traction on my desires & get to the finish line of my dreams.  I've tried all the books and programs and coaches, so that you don't have to!

This is my journey & my hope is that it can be yours as well.

Certifiication badge for David Bedrick's "unshaming Proccess facilitation course."

Want to see Process Work Coaching in action?

Check out this video of David Bedrick, the mentor I studied under for 10 months, working with a client and explaining his methods.  I use these same methods, as taught to me by the man himself, David Bedrick.

Here's what people are saying:

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Hit the ground running with this package of THREE easy, short consecutive coaching calls that happen over three weeks.

Just enough time & coaching to get you headed in the right direction with some clarity on what you want, how it will feel to get it, and some help unblocking thoughts, and unshaming those desires to help get you well on your way!

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