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The Firestarter

The Perfect Introduction to Coaching

Light a Match under your Dreams & Desires!

Admit it.


You have a dream.  Some sort of goal or deep desire that you've been sitting on or circling around for years...   maybe even decades.

But dreams, ambitions & success don't happen in the dark.  

And success doesn't happen in isolation.

I'll tell you a little secret that winners, and happy, successful people understand inherently:

You can't do it alone.  No one does.

You need a someone on your side, cheering you on, helping you win the mental game of going after something you deeply hunger after, & keeping you accountable.

You need help cultivating your gifts, dealing with setbacks & challenges, & someone to help you keep going.

But Let's be real...

Trusting a stranger?  Let alone finding someone online you trust & are willing to put money & time into? 

That can feel risky.  Intimidating.  Maybe even vulnerable.  


Particularly, if you've never invested in personal life coaching before. 

Money & time are investments and you deserve a risk-free way to see if personal coaching is for you.

I'm Desirée Sommer


& I know from experience how sweet it can feel to make big leaps to the finish line &  finally conquer that goal!

But it didn't come naturally to me....

I was motivated.  I was smart. I was extraordinarily hard-working.  But I wasn't making progress on everything I longed to do in life... 

What was going on?  I was trying to do it alone, in isolation, without true support or mentoring.  And I had no clue how to deal with the mental game of going after something so important to me.  How to clear up negative self-talk, deal with setbacks, and keep myself motivated til the very end.

It wasn't until I learned the secret power of coaching that everything began to change.  Once I began getting a community of support behind me, starting with my very first coach, suddenly I started to pick up traction.


That's why I've created this package perfect for people new to me & new to coaching!

Dip your feet into the coaching waters AND get clarity and traction on your dreams! 


This package is perfect for you if you want to find out if coaching is for you with minimal risk & minimal investment of time & money!   

Here's what you can expect with the Firestarter Package:


  • Hit the ground running with this package of THREE easy, short consecutive coaching calls that happen over three weeks.

  • The coaching calls are short & sweet, 20 to 40 minutes & focused on getting you underway with a dream or goal, even if you don't yet know what exactly that goal is...

  • The first week we uncover what dream you'd like help getting started on, and hone in on your passion!

  • The second week we check in & unblock any negative thoughts or obstacles you've been having. 

  • And the third week we simply wrap up with what steps you can keep taking after our calls to keep 

      the momentum going!

  • Each week you'll get one simple, easy to-do task to keep you going & a check in email personally from me to see how it all went before our next session, plus a little bit of encouragement & cheerleading to help you feel seen & recognized!

This coaching package will give you just enough time & coaching to get you headed in the right direction with some clarity on what you want, help unblocking thoughts, & tools to keep the momentum going!

Try out coaching without all the stress...



You don't need to pay for expensive $300 + coaching sessions,

or be sold an exclusive $2000 + coaching package,

or commit to a 6, 7, or even 8 month coaching endeavor

when you've never worked with the person before,  & have never

experienced coaching!

That's hogwash!

Coaching is a fun experience that can change your life.  That's not a hard sell once someone gets a taste of it, and I want that for you.   Everyone deserves a chance to experience some undivided attention & love spent on their dreams. And that includes you.

Here's what past clients are saying...

Book a call with me TODAY 
because you deserve to have someone’s undivided attention on your dreams!

Get this coaching package
(normally $320)

for an introductory
price of only $120
for a limited time only.

Book a 15 minute Free Discovery Call to get

started right here!

(It's a super easy call I promise, we just go over the package & talk about your dream BRIEFLY.)

A photo of Desiree Sommer, Certified Life coach

Or e-mail your questions here

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