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My 5 Fave Summer Candle Scents!

Never have I more wished a blog could be scratch and sniff… because I think you’d have a ball checking out these incredible summer scents. Some of my most cherished “secret” scents are revealed in this posh post! Read on to find out all!

Tropical water scene with the words "My 5 fave summer scents" over the top of it!


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I'm kind of the Candle Queen in my social circles. In fact, my favorite shopping when I travel is to go out and find those tiny boutiques filled with scented pretty things.

Lemme tell you... Every cute little decor place has at least a dozen or two candles tucked into the joint. I make it my mission to smell every one of them. And I never leave a travel destination without one or two delectable candles to add to my collection.

And now I'm happy to gift that knowledge to a brand new crowd! You!


1. The Library at Candlefish “Fragrance No. 30”

photo of candlefish #30 candles

9 oz $28

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Ginger

Effervescent as a ginger ale, and just as refreshing. I’ve purchased and re-purchased this so many times over the years & I still love it just as much as the first time! A true favorite!

Candlefish is a Charleston, South Carolina shop with a library of 100 unique scents made of just three notes. They have *many* incredible scents! Very worth a look around, my loves.


2. Illume “Pineapple Cilantro”

Photo of Illume Pineapple Cilantro Candles

11.8 oz $20

Fragrance Notes: Cilantro, pineapple and rose petals with tonka, vanilla bean, heliotrope, and musk.

Don’t let that Cilantro note in the title throw you off. Pineapple is the heavy hitter here.

This is a candle I always get compliments on. It’s sweet & pineapple-ly, and it can’t help but take you away to the islands, man.

Illume has many lovely scents in tropical hues and flavors, so give it a look around as well. I also love their tigerlily scent.


3. Capri Blue “Volcano”

Photo of Capri Blue's Volcano scented candle

8.5 oz $22

Fragrance Notes: Citrus and sugar notes.

If you’ve never heard of Capri Blue or their cult following around their signature scent “Volcano,” Well… I don’t know what to say, other than I’m so happy to be the first to say welcome to the cult!

I’d love to tell you I’ve tried some of the other equally delicious and tempting scents Capri Blue has come up with, but I haven’t. .... I can’t stop buying Volcano.

It’s that good. Yes, it's just two notes - citrus + vanilla. But it is a bold and statement making version of it. Which is unique for citrus and sugar scents, which often play quietly in the background. This one doesn't!


4. Votivo “Island Grapefruit”

Photo of Votivo's Island Grapefruit candle

6.8 oz $32

Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit, Rhubarb & Mango.

Unapologetically, grapefruit-y. That is how I'd describe this candle. But lingering behind that note is mango and rhubarb.

While that may not sound sophisticated, somehow Votivo has worked scent magic, and it's much complicated than those three simple ingredients sound.

Votivo is a true luxury line, hence the price bump. But it’s worth it.

The candles are packaged beautifully. The weight of the glass is phenomenal and the candle burns super clean and for hours.


5. Volupsa “Panjore Lychee”

Photo of Voluspa's Lychee candle

9 oz $33

Fragrance Notes: Panjore Lychee, Cassis & Juicy Asian Pear

So you hate citrus scents? But you still want something summery?

How about this sleeper scent from the wonder house of Volupsa? It gives you mouthwatering, tropical lychee, so light and refreshing, and then the melon/pear hits you, making it the perfect mix of crisp and tropical.

I can’t get enough of this candle in summer (and sometimes even in winter when I’m sick of blah weather).

This is another true luxury line, with the price to match, but their candles are lovely! They also make great gifts if you know someone’s scent taste.


Bonus Round, because I love to over-deliver!


6. The Library at Candlefish “Fragrance No. 11”

photo of Candlefish's #11 scented candle

9 oz $28

Fragrance Notes: Banana, Watermelon, Muguet

Remember watermelon bubbalicious or bubble yum, as a kid? Or how about thethe watermelon lip smacker of your preteen youth? This candle, is it.

Sophisticated, it’s not. It’s a joyful kick back to your youth. Fun, fruity and irrepressibly youthful.

And the muguet scent listed? It’s lily of the valley, if you didn’t know. But don't let that scent or the banana on here fool you, this scent is pure watermelon and the muguet and banana just add sweetness and round out the outrageous mix! Super fun!


7. Archipelago Botanicals “Lanai”

Photo of Archipelago's Lanai candle

8.62 oz $26

Fragrance Notes: Fresh Pineapple, Ginger, Mandarin

Ah, Hawaii in a jar, what could be better? Ok, maybe actually being in Hawaii might be a better, but this is a very good runner up when you can’t go.

Yes, it's pineapple again, but this one is less vanilla and a little more zingy, ginger spice!

This is a part of their original destinations line, and it, along with their classic Havana, is a real winner.

So those are my favorite scents that get lots of rave reviews no matter who comes a visiting! Now your turn, what are your favorite scents for summer?


****Note about the Amazon links…


I made this blog first, and pulled from the collection of candles I have in my house now, and have bought over and over again for years. BUT... these links are affiliate links. I get a commission from them, if you buy from the link.

Why do the affiliate link? This blog is free to you, & I love that. But running this blog costs upwards of $700 a year. Shocked? Yeah, I was too! And I love doing this! So it is, what it is.

But monetizing links for products I 100% believe and use myself, is a way for me to recoup some of that money so I can keep doing this for the long haul. I hope you don't mind if I continue to do that!

And if you do buy from one them, oh, my goodness! Thank you so much!


With that I will see you next week with a brand new blog!

Lots of love and good summer scent vibes to you,

Desirée Sommer


Desirée Sommer is a former Interior Designer, and a current Writer/Speaker who helps people just like you to....

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