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The Art of Being Playful

It's all too easy to get caught up in being serious as an adult, and far too easy to lose are sense of joy and playfulness. How do we get it back? It's all in the Art of Being Playful. Read on to find out how...

Beautiful young woman pursing her lips to blow a bubble from a bubble making wand.

Hello Beautiful,


I'm often reminded in the midst of doubt & despair that the answer to life's most pressing problems is rarely to keep grinding away at them.


Although, if you're anything like me, it's often, your first inclination:  Things not working out as planned?  Work harder.  


But if hard work isn't the answer, what is?


I once had an old horse hand whisper to me during a horseback lesson that the solution to most of life's problems is to stop working so hard at them.


If we lay off of being so serious and clamping down on the problem, if we can ever  convince ourselves to relax...


The solution comes easier.  In fact, Life comes easier when we relax.


In the opinion of my horse hand friend most people had it wrong:  They spent their entire life tensed up, overworking, & then were driven to a compulsory resting state from the exhaustion & overwhelm.


Which I have to say, is uncomfortably close to home for me,

even now.  And you?   


If it is then you might take heart in what my friend had to say:  The secret of life is to stop working so hard at things, & to start playing at them instead.  As much as possible.  Whenever possible. 


To stop the endless loop over Work & Exhaustion. And instead...


To be in the loop of Play & Rest, that blissful way we once were in childhood. 


We have to learn to stop overworking problems,

overworking in our lives, & take the leap of being playful instead.  



With that in mind, here are some frothy, fun, and fearlessly feminine ways to be playful today.



1 Inspiration


Playful    \ adjective  \ ˈplā-fəl\


1 :     expressing pleasure and amusement

2 :     full of play : frolicsome, humorous



Every see a Supermodel slip off her heels and skip down the runway?  No one plays like supermodel Inès de La Fressange on the runway.  Click below.


Then ponder:


"What would it mean for me to play like this in my life?"

"To embrace joy & leave what’s serious behind?"


"Where in my life can I slip off the heavy heels & skip instead?"




“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good."

-- Lucia Capocchione


“ your life with imagination and verve, God will play along just to see what outrageously entertaining thing you'll do next.” 

-- Dean Koontz


3 Ideas


Two fabulously dressed young women smiling at a nice restauant with champagne glasses.


Who will pick up the dry-cleaning this week?  Who saw the paper with the phone number for the handyman last?  Work frustrations. The kids.


Our conversations often center around the daily grind, instead of what drew us to each other in the first place:  a sense of shared fun.


  • So why not make it point to bring some of that back?  Bring your playful spirit to your connections this week.


Eat Cereal for dinner as a family.  Ask others unexpected questions: The last place on Earth you'd ever visit for a vacation?  Who was your best friend at 8 years old?


Older couple dancing together in their living room



We often forget the most important sense out of the five in our homes: Sound. 


But the playlists to our lives ( & homes) are a great way to lift our mood.


  • Why not find a playful, vivacious & luscious playlist to fill your day with?


Something that brightens your spirit, gets you up and dancing (or at least hitting the beat with a little toe-tapping ) .


Let your playlist remind you daily that the key to a well-lived life is play.  One of mine to inspire you:  I take mine Retro


Woman will rainbow colored nails showing them off


Fashion is anything but serious.

A fun brooch in the shape of a monocle. Whimsical pumps embroidered with butterflies.  A pair of ladybug earrings. Your retro aviator sunglasses from the 70s.


Almost all of us has a little something playful or flamboyant  somewhere in our closets.  It's time to dig yours up:


  • Why not wear one of your more playful or flamboyant pieces this week?


Make someone smile when they see your playful side.  Better yet, make yourself smile every time you look in the mirror.


Use it as a talisman to remind you to play more, & take life less seriously.


Now it's your turn.  Pick one idea and put it into play this week.  Better yet, make it your own:  


Where are you being called to be less serious & more playful in your life?


And if you need some help with that in your life? If your tired of feeling Sick & Tired?

Tired of drudgery and exhaustion?

Get the fun back in your life with coaching! Find out more here:

Much love, & See you next week!

Desirée Sommer



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