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You Deserve More than a Goal.

Too many of the goals I see women making are way too small. They can't light you up, let alone transform your life. And that's what you're really yearning for... a life less ordinary. Let me help you aim bigger. Because you deserve it.

It's January, month of goal-making, but it doesn't matter when you're reading this. It could be March or August. Or even next year. The same idea applies. You think you want a goal, maybe you even have one in mind. Maybe it's even a SMART goal.

But does you're goal have the emotional juice behind it to get you through months of work? Of slogging through the trenches, of failing? My guess is no. That's because, my love, you don't want a goal. You want, and you deserve, so much more than that.

“You want so much more than a goal. You want something that lights you up, gets you through the inevitable rough spots and re-invents your life.”

You don't want a goal. You want something that lights you up, gets you through the inevitable rough spots and re-invents your life. You want something that puts you squarely in your purpose.

You don't need another lackluster goal to do that. You don't need to accomplish another "should" that the world has told you will make you a better person. You don't need to clean your entire house, or lose weight, or make six figures. Oh, you can do all that.

But you need to set it up as an incredible, life-changing adventure. You need to go bigger. You need the kind of win that will require all of you, that will transform your thoughts, and change your self-confidence for good.

Ask yourself, can your goal, do that? If not, than re-evaluate what this goal is actually a part of, ask yourself these questions:

1. How will accomplishing this goal transform me?

If you accomplished this goal, (you re-organized the garage, or lost 30 lbs or made 6 figures) but nothing else changed in your life.... You still felt, thought, and lived the exact same way as you do now, would you be disappointed? What would be missing?

If you were thinner how do you imagine your life would be different/better? You'd feel sexy. You'd show to be scene. You'd light up a room. You'd go on that vacation.

If you finally had the whole house cleaned and decorated you'd ....? Feel like you had your (blank) together. You'd have all those dinner parties. You could relax in your house.

If you made 6 figures you finally feel like a real interior designer, or realtor. You'd feel validated. You'd move. You'd take more time off.

2. What is the bigger adventure I'm on?

Using the info gleaned from question on, what do you think you're after? What parts of your life (thoughts, confidence, happiness, location, habits, actions) are you trying to changing in conquering this goal?

I want to lose 35 lbs, but also, I want to finally love who I am and feel sexy. I want to shine and stop hiding. I want to transform my self-esteem.

I want to clean and organize my home. But more than that, I want to make room for my off time. I want a life outside of my work. I want dinner parties, time to read, places to work on my hobbies.

I want to make six figures, but more than that, I want the kind of money that would let me lead the life I want. I'm ready to elevate my entire life, home, vacations.

These are just examples, but your reasons for wanting what you want, will be as personal and as unique to you as your fingerprints.

3. Who will this inspire? Who's life could this influence, change or make better?

How does this serve your community? How does this help your family? How does this inspire people in the same boat and who are those people? Dreams, adventures... they're aren't selfish. They're big because their meant to expand not just your life, but everyone else's as well.

Sometimes we play small, because we're afraid of taking too much of the pie. But it's important to remember we aren't taking, we're creating. You're creating more in the world, and ultimately that can only serve.

So turn it around figure out how what you are making, producing, transforming in your life creates more for others.


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Jun 21, 2021


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