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The Art of Feminine Living ( & why we all need it in this über-ambitious culture )

Tired of nothing but hustle culture? Girl bossing and competition is over-rated when it's not paired up with the other side of life -- actually getting to enjoy our lives, big or small, rich or ordinary -- we all deserve lives filled with pleasure and joy, and time to linger. Read on to find out more!

Beautiful woman in a retro sports convertible, effortlessly feminine & cool in her sunglasses and dress.

Hello Love,


This week I’ve been busy trying to make the magic & the hustle happen in a busy, noisy world.  A world that largely only values one side of the characteristics available to us…  


Competition.  Hustle. Going non-stop. Conquering. Making it happen.

The result of being solely in a lopsided world for me this week?  Feeling out of sorts, agitated and scraping the bottom of the barrel on my joy & energy.


All of which, has me wondering,

whatever happened to the other side of the equation?

Whatever happened to the Beauty & Joy? Of living our lives passionately & fully (outside of all the hustling...)?

Whatever happened to the things we largely see as feminine?

  • The Solace & Comfort of nourishing our connections with others, over our sense of competition?

  • The joy of lingering over a glass of wine & a beautiful conversation -- no rush, no hurry to get somewhere, just a sense of listening & seeing another, fully?

  • Making a meal that doesn't just feed our bodies, but is a delight to our senses and soul?

  • The pleasure of playing with a scarf, a perfume, a little bit of shimmer on the eyes, or a little bit of blush, just for the fun of it? To delight ourselves?

And the art of simply being here right now,

enjoying the moment, the magic of life - meandering, mysterious, delightful -- of taking our own sweet time?

Isn't that side of life not just as important as the hustle and ambition, but also, isn't it needed now more than ever?

I think so, and that's why this week I'm off to go on a little feminine adventure of delight, and I hope you're willing to join me!

Read on to get inspired, get motivated, and get moving on just that!


1 Inspiration


Click below and watch the video below.. Then scroll down to answer the questions...


Then ponder:


"What does the world look like without the Feminine?"

"What would things would be missing without the feminine values, like empathy, fun, creativity & beauty?"


"What does my version of Feminine look like

in a Man's World?"




“I have come to realize that a life without femininity – devoid of mystery, emotion, gentleness and the unerring power love – is no life at all.”

― Antonella Gambotto-Burke


“We need to understand that femininity is not weakness. And our society, for some reason, equates the two.” 

 ― Jessica Chastain


3 Ways to Play


Stack of Vogue magazines.


When was the last time you spent time meandering for the pleasure of it?


Spend some time breezing through your favorite decor or style magazines.  Or cooking, or whatever you love.

Or head over to store filled with beautiful fabrics, or beautiful yarn, or perfume, etc... and meander slowly over all the pretty things! No need to buy, just linger over the beauty at your fingertips.

a feminine woman's vanity with perfume, earrings, a haircomb and more .


Why not add some Feminine Magic to your boudoir?


Add one thing to your bathroom that represents the Feminine to you. 

.....A favorite perfume bottle, a framed feminine quote. A lush candle.


Woman in spinning in a silk pleated skirt and leather jacket, on her block heeled shoes.


Why not play up your Feminine Style this week? Just for fun, go for a softer look, within your normal style...


Like jeans and T-shirts? Go for a softer sweater with a beautiful drape to it with the jeans.

Own a silk & lace blouse? Pair it up with your usual black slacks!

Are you sexier than that? Then break out those heels & the killer lipstick this week!


Need more help being playful & feminine in your life?



Much love, & See you next week!

Desirée Sommer 


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