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Adventures don't have setbacks. They have plot twists that move the story forward.

The problem with goals is that they often lack the emotional punch to get us through the rough times. An adventure on the other hand? It's a whole different story.

By the time February rolls around I already see people wondering, "Did I pick the right goal? Should I switch my goal?" They're asking their friends in online forums if they should have chosen something more do-able. Should they have gone smaller? Settled for less?

I always get suspicious, as a life coach (and as someone who's definitely been there) when this happens. Because often when we dig a little deeper into why they want to switch the truth comes out. They've usually given up before they even begun to make it happen, and before they have anything to show for it. Why? Because their wasn't connected to their purpose, their vision and most importantly their real desires.

“They've usually given up before they even really began. Why? Because their goal wasn't connected to their real desires.”

They had goal, that sounded ok on paper, but it had no daring to it. It was never going to stretch them. And the heartbreaking part is that all too often these women end up thinking it was them, not the goal, that didn't work. If only they had been more disciplined, stronger, better, harder working, maybe it would have worked.

So they end up trying to settle for an even smaller goal, a smaller life.

Don't be that woman. Choose an adventure. Something with the emotional juice that makes sticking it out through the rough patches worth it. 'Cause let's get real, progress and transformation happens only when we're willing to go through the emotionally sticky patches.

The vulnerable places where we show up to be seen before we feel ready, when we take a risk and bet on ourselves, when we fail and show up again to do it tomorrow.

With a dry goal, like lose weight or organize the garage or make more money, or think of a business plan... The very first hiccup feels like an insurmountable roadblock. A challenge that just can't be surmounted. Not because it actually is, but because it's just not worth it. Fear of failing or looking like a fool trumps good intentions or things we "should" do, every time. You'll never find the energy to overcome something so unpleasant.

An adventure that stirs up your deepest desires, that resonates with your purpose and passion? That's got emotional juice to it. When we get that puzzle piece clicked into place obstacles are frustrating, but not insurmountable. They aren't a "no" from the Universe. They're just a plot twist in our story, there to move us forward.

The lesson here? Make sure your goals are really grounded in your real desires. The big ones that scare you a little. That feel too big for a girl like you. Those are the ones that will change you.


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30 mar 2021

Love this!

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