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A Life you Love, Your Way

Is just one decision away.


Then Welcome to a new kind of coaching.

   One that helps you style your life around you.



If you've ever felt overwhelmed with all the roles you juggle - wife, mother, boss, employee - & wondered when it's your turn...

If you've ever missed the woman & girl you used to be - carefree, bold, full of hope & fun - & wondered where she went to...

If you've ever struggled to live up to all the goals, perfectionism & expectations - &  wondered when do you actually get to enjoy your amazing life...

Your life changes, when you begin to

make space for You in it. 


What it be like to live a life of freedom, joy & aliveness?  What if your life is already extraordinary?


Let go of all the striving & heaviness weighing you down... & see how far you can go when you...

Stop trying to change who you are for others, or to fit into a role more perfectly...


Stop all the self-improvement regimens designed to fix you or make you a better version of yourself...

Stop the external goal-seeking & trying to become someone, when you already are someone...

And instead own who you are on purpose.  Excavate your innate gifts & talents  - the unique beauty & power that is you,  the journey you are already on.

Curate your life to reflect you, and your best self - your voice, your authenticity. 

Build a life you love, around you & start enjoying (and playing in it) right now - No more waiting!

Imagine the well-being & joy  you’d have, if you refused to be anyone else but you - instead of constantly grinding  to turn yourself into someone else - to be "the new you."

Imagine the life you'd have if you stopped the self-criticism & the self-hate, the endless tape of "not good enough" running through your head.


Imagine the life of love, adventure, and enjoyment you'd have if you honored the amazing journey you're already on... 


Imagine falling in love with the woman you already are!

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"Before our sessions I had always had an awareness that I held back & didn't express myself fully.    With your skillful guidance I am now able to be a more raw & honest version of myself.    It's been incredible.  I feel more confident... & able to open up and connect with others."

~ Heather L.

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  • How do I know life coaching will work for me?
    I have over five years of experience and more than 400 hours coaching people one-on-one successfully. And over 18 months of training and certification learning my skill set. But more than that, I've coached people from all over the globe, in different ages, genders and cultures, and working in different industries, and I've help them to successfully reach their goals and desires, whether that was to become happier and more alive, or to launch a new solo career online. Whatever you're dealing with, whatever your hang-ups, distractions or obstacle I have the skills and experience to help you get there.
  • Isn't a Life coach just a cheerleader who encourages you?
    Nope. I have the training, exercises and tools to unlock your creativity and get you out of ruts, stuck places, and plateaus. I can help you discover new ways around your negative thinking and around all sorts of road blocks & obstacles that would waylay you for weeks, months or years without help. Imagine having someone to collaborate with creatively to get you out of that rut or wall you keep hitting? But even better imagine that collaborative partner is someone who has spent more than 18 months in 2 different coaching programs being trained to do that, professionally? Not to mention the five plus years of experience I have with working with all kinds of clients from all kinds of cultures and social classes, in many different industries. Whatever, obstacle your facing or negative thought pattern... Trust me, I've seen it before, and I've already helped someone just like you to get out of it. Don't keep going it alone, and struggling for years to get traction. Instead, get professional help to help you take the shortcut. Your life is to important, your time is too precious to spend it taking the long way to your dreams.
  • What is Life Coaching?
    International Coaching Federation (ICF), defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." But my definition is simpler, I'm a professional, certified and trained in the skills, tools & techniques (not to mention psychology) to help you get to all the many joyful places you want to go... From more happiness, wholeness and well being, to better life results and more success.
  • What kinds of things can a life coach help with?
    Life coaching can help in many different areas of life & with many differing issues... Happiness & Aliveness: -rediscovering who you are in the world, and what your personal purpose is. -finding your personal style, expression & voice -- your way of being in the world? -wondering what your gifts & talents? Overcoming Mental blocks & limitations: -struggling with patterns of over-eating, or other self-defeating habits. -procrastinating on your goals, mission or desires - keep self-sabotaging? Have an inner tape of negative self talk is keeping you defeated & hidden. Confidence & Self-belief: -don't trust yourself, or belief in yourself anymore? -lost your confidence? Or maybe you never quite had it? -have trouble at work or in relationships asking for what your worth? Relationships & Connection: -got a people-pleasing problem? -need to learn healthy boundaries -have a bevy of toxic or negative friendships that don't feel fun Self-Image & Self-Love: -got a nasty inner critic? -tired of not liking who you see in the mirror? -Is it time to revive and transform your self-image Success & Achievement: -get to the next level of excellence -see what your capable when you have someone else behind you -find hidden skills, talents, gifts and extra rocket fuel for your journey
  • Is Life Coaching Legitimate or is it a scam?
    Life coaching is absolutely legitimate, but there are some very bad apples out there. And definitely some scams. Here's what you want to look for to avoid the frauds, fakes, & scammers: Training & certification: There are a lot of people out there calling themselves a life coach without any training or certification at all. I have both training & certification. I was trained in Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach training. And then, I trained and certified in Process Work Coaching with the Sante Fe Institute, taught by David Bedrick. Experience working with clients: Not all training and certification is equal, unfortunately. Some coach training is three days online, and viola, you get a certificate without ever having coached a client live! Yikes! Both of my training programs involved in-class supervised work with clients, and required practice outside of the program. I have over 18 months of training as a Life Coach. I continue to take continuing ed classes in coach training. And my training alone provided me with over 60 clients and over 200 hours of one-on-one coaching. Since certifying I now have over 400 hours of coaching experience and over 120 clients. Experience being coached: How can you coach responsibly, with compassion and care when you've never been coached yourself? And how can you believe in coaching as a powerful tool, and not employ a coach yourself, on the regular? You can't. I have employed more than 7 other life coaches in my lifetime, and continue to have a life coach for one-on-one session to continue my own growth and journey as a life coach. I believe fully in the power of life-coaching & have seen it's effects in my own life. And I know what it's like to spend that money, and invest that time in someone new. And I also know what it's like feel vulnerable being coached. I wouldn't be life coaching if I didn't have all of those things, and I am not here to scam anyone. I'm here to help people just like you, live out their best lives.
  • Isn't Life Coaching just for people who are struggling?
    No, at all. In fact, look at the top performers world wide, from Fortune 500 CEOs to world-class actors to professional athletes. Bill Gates Richard Branson Steve Jobs Sheryl Sandberg Oprah Winfrey Tiger Woods Micheal Phelps Hugh Jackman Brad Pitt George Clooney All of the employed life coaches. Why? Because top performers know something the rest of us, don't: You can't go it alone. No one can. And the best of the best, get help! In fact, amongst the Fortune 500 companies of the world, 25-40% employ the services of coaches, including companies like Google and Goldman Sachs. A study of the effect of executive coaching on a Fortune 500 company concluded that it produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. The people who employ life coaches are high achievers and talented individuals who understand the value of employing a team of people to creatively collaborate with, and you can be that kind of person, too.
  • Doesn't a life coach just give you advice?
    No. And the last thing you need is another opinion or more advice that can't help you, because it doesn't come from you, and doesn't take into account your unique expression, your experiences, and the incredible and unique person you already are. What you need is the space and skills of someone who can help you find your own voice, and help you trust and believe in your own inner compass. No matter what your goal, or life you are trying to develop -- from work to lifestyle, to emotional happiness and joy -- No one is going to do exactly like you will. Your way of moving in the world and being fully in it is as unique as your fingerprints. But showing people how to access their own wisdom and discover their most powerful way of moving in the world -- their unique expression is a learned skill set. And that's where I come in. I am certified and trained life coach who has more than five years of experience, and a combined 18 months of training & education in 2 different coaching modalities to help you discover your own path. The years of experience I have with working with all kinds of clients from all kinds of cultures and social classes, in many different industries means I have the real world experience to help you find your voice, and your own answers. So don't keep taking advice from other people that was never really meant for someone like you anyway. It's only going to waylay and frustrate you. Your life is to important, your time is too precious to spend it taking the long way to your dreams.

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