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Is your Community Inspiring you? Do they bring out your best?

If you've been trying to make it to your dreams, or just to a happier place, all on your own, I've got news for you: Your dream and your joy grow faster when you have a few beautifully curated souls around you to help, encourage & support you!

Don't know where to look for them? Or what that would feel like? Read on to find out more...

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Tell me, what are your dreams and desires?

  • Do you imagine retiring and being able to travel more?

  • Maybe you just want to get happier. Or to live a life of Delight and Joy.

  • Or maybe you dream of meeting your soulmate…

  • Maybe you want to feel sexy & fit again...

Whatever it is, keep that dream in mind, & let me ask you another question:


What’s your circle of friends & community like?


Do they inspire you with what they have going on in their own lives?

Do the people around you validate who you’re becoming & empower you to keep going?

Do they see you as someone who struggles, or as someone who is a winner?

Do they encourage you to dream big?

Do they think your dream is possible for you?


Do they dissuade you from going after things, and encourage you to settle or dream small? Have they given up on their dreams?


And I’m asking for an important reason…

Have you noticed something about the happy, fulfilled people in life, the ones with thriving social lives, not to mention those people who make it to their dreams, who make it to the top echelon?

Something they all have in common? — because I have:

They always, always have a tribe of supportive positive people & yay-sayers around them who validate their best selves...

....and who are busy making their own dreams and desires come true.

Collage of bare feet in summer grass, a woman on tip toe reaching up to kiss her partner, a beach at the golden hour with a woman walking on it, a man reading a book on a grassy hill and nothing but beautiful wilderness around.

Building up a circle of people who validate, reinforce and encourage your growth and cheer you on? Who see you as a strong, capable, smart, winner?

That is a force multiplier that cannot be ignored.

If you want to feel better, if you want to achieve a dream or two, you can’t neglect building a community of people around you who embody the feeling of being “winners.” The feeling of being “YES” people.

And if you don’t have that inspiring community of encouragers, winners & supporters, yet? I have good news for you.

I’d like to introduce you to your very first member:


If you want to build that kind of community for yourself, you can start right now, with your own head and heart.

Do you see yourself as a winner? Do you see your dreams and ambitions as inevitably coming true? Do you encourage the people around you?

If not, let’s change that.

Then, go out there & build up the club membership!

Maybe you're lucky enough to have someone already in your life who does that for you. Put them on your list!

Join things that interest you, or that involve your dream. Make it a point to meet new people so you can find more new members to add to your Circle of Support!

Last, I don’t know a single person who is truly doing what they love who hasn’t at some point hired another professional to be a part of their team.

From life coaches, to therapists, to trainers, to mentors, to consultants, to accountability groups or masterminds they’ve paid to be a part of…


Too often we shame people for not being able to do it on their own, or for having to “pay” for help and support, but in reality, the winners around you aren’t making it all on their own. They get help, and lots of it

And so should you.

So let's get inspired to do just that!


1 Quote


“Find a group of people who challenge & inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

— Amy Poehler


2 Inspiration


Les Brown describes, in 2 minutes, the power of others to change who we are...

...And how their stories of us, can either shrink or expand our view of who we are...

After watching, pull out your journal & ask yourself:

What are your dreams and desires?

What kinds of stories do you and the people around you have about those dreams and how possible they are?


"Who in your life inspires you to take action, to believe in your dream & who in your life is actively creating their own dream?


3 Weekly Way to Play


Grand Opening Soirée Congratulations you are now the Sole Proprietor of an Elite Membership Club- Your own Personal Circle of Winners!

It's time to plan the Grand Opening! So get the bubbly chilled for the celebration soirée on this momentous occasion.. But first... Let's have a little fun deciding on what to call your new inner circle in your own mind. What fun moniker will you have? The Winners' Club. The Inspiration Circle. The Dream Team. Next, a Club like this needs a motto carved above the door to set the tone. What's yours? "You've got this." "It's not over until you've won!" "Teamwork makes the dream work." ...? Last, let's brainstorm where to find new members: Who do you know already? Where might you find new potential members? Finally, plan a party for the current members (you!) & don't forget the toast you need to give at the party! Pop some champagne for you and journal your welcoming toast! Be sure to be encouraging! Whatever your toast is, whoever is invited, may I be the very first to congratulate you! I *always* knew you were a Winner, Baby! Cheers!


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Here is what I know... The World needs you and your dream, even if it's just to be happier and to feel better, or to live a life that is well-lived by your standards. Even if it's just to travel or retire, or learn Italian... Believe it or not, your inner circle and the people around you need you and your little ( or big ) dream. They need your energy and zest for living. They need your inspiring true story. They need your happily-ever-after that unfolded right under their nose, in their own little friend group. The people around you, need you & your dream, just as much you need theirs. In the end, we're all in this together. Sending you support, well-wishes, & lots of encouragement on your dreams!

All my love,


Desiree Sommer


Desirée Sommer is an Interior Designer & Writer dedicated to helping those around her to Beautify, Style & make their lives Fun again! She happily resides in the rural beauty of Idaho with her pet pooch Bree, where she gets to take epic hikes, and plot her next big travel escapade. Her favorite things are traveling, film & anything French or Italian. Oh, and dancing! Always dancing!


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