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This ONE SECRET could change Everything for you & make your life Fun & Profitable again...

Give you more energy, self-love and infinitely more FUN & power in your own life.

EVEN if you are too burnt-out, tired or lazy to do one more thing.

A woman standing next to her volkswagon van by the side of the road, the beach stretched out before her.

An the secret starts with a scientific discovery...

They used to take cartilage from the ear to repair the nose when doing a rhinoplasty. Because cartilage is cartilage, right? So, they'd take cartilage from the whirly bit on your ear and shave it down to fit it's new environment - the nose.

And it looked perfect. At first.

But the cartilage would slowly but surely make itself all whirly again, even when embedded in the nose.

So they'd have to go back in shave the cartilage back to make it look like it was "supposed" to over and over again.

Because cartilage isn't cartilage. Cartilage has it's own inherent nature, and it can't simply be cut down or shaved and re-shaped to fit it's environment. It has instructions to whirl, to be who it is... And so do you. But we live in a society that loves the idea that a human is a human.

That encourages us to cut ourselves down to fit the environment we're in. Are you loud? Don't be like that! We don't like that, so twist yourself into a pretzel trying to be more demur

Are you challenging? WRONG! We hate that here.

Please, be sure to shave yourself into a "people pleaser" as a woman!

But just like that whirly bit of cartilage, it never works. And it takes a massive amount of effort on your part to turn yourself into something you are not.

Why? Because you were never meant to not use those gifts.

And they are gifts.

All your natural energy and talent exist in your inherent design. Your design is intelligent and purposeful.

If you are challenging, you're meant to be challenging.

The system and community needs you to be you. And the more you do who you are on purpose, with zero shame, the more people will love you for it.

If you're messy and creative and too much, guess what? That was designed into you on purpose. It's intelligent and no, you actually won't get any farther in life by changing your inherent nature.

You get farther by owning who you are. And doing it more. Not by trying to be quiet and tidy and smaller than who you really are. The secret to making the most of all that energy and talent is to stop trying to squelch it or water it down. Stop cutting yourself down to fit the environment.

It's exhausting trying not to be you, and in the end it doesn't work for long anyway.

Stop all the games where you try to "perfect" yourself or make yourself "better" by being a completely different woman then who you are...

Shift your energy from trying to be someone different than who you are ... And instead put all your energy into being a bigger version of who you already are.


Just be you, but even more so... That's the secret that will start to shift everything for you.


Don't be less feminine at work, if that's who you are. Be more feminine. Lean into it. And watch people start to respect you more for not caving.

Don't be less emotional in your relationships, if that's who you are. Even if a past lover has criticized you for it. That's his problem, not yours. Double down on being emotional and watch people flock to you for it.

Because being unabashedly "you" makes you

charismatic & unstoppable.

Dolly Parton didn't get to the top of the charts trying to be less Dolly Parton. Trying to keep her hair a little flatter and her outfits a little more quiet and subdued. Going for a "natural" look, because that's "in."

Taylor Swift was boring until she finally embraced her chaotic love life and her unabashed love of being girly-glam.

Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Lady GaGa...

David Bowie, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly...

All fully embraced who they were, and stopped trying to be something different.

The list goes on and on...

How about even those supermodels we all love?

Cindy Crawford keeping her mole -- her "beauty mark" when lots of people told her it was ugly.

Iman and her long neck. You don't see her wearing turtlenecks to try and hide it, or slouching in photos.

Linda Evangalista's beautiful but unusual nose.

They are Iconic because they refused to be anyone

but themselves. And you should, too.

FYI, coaching can help with that!



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