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Make every moment in your life count

The best way to make life fun again, and enjoy that big adventure, the goal you're on? Embrace the ordinary moments, and learn to love them just as much, as the "highs".

I’m all for adventures. I’m all for big wins and big moments, and I’m definitely for travel to Tahiti and job promotions. No one says that isn’t important.

But even on an Adventure, even if you quite literally set sail on the high seas for new territory. There are going days of endless sea, with no land in sight, and nothing to see.

Nothing to do. Meanwhile, the ordinary chores, the daily routine, still has to get done, even within a dream. The deck still has to be scrubbed. The food still has to be made. The first mate and you still aren’t going to get along.

Even on BIG adventures, there’s going to be days that feel ordinary and moments that require you knuckle down and do the grunt work. Sitting down to write everyday, even when that memoir just is not coming out the way you wanted it to. Painting your first bad painting. The two weeks after the diet has lost that glimmer of the new.

Our lives are filled with the quiet ordinary moments. In fact, there are more of them than the big moments. Shouldn’t we learn to love the way we spend 90% of our time just as much as the other moments? Wouldn’t putting a little elbow grease and sparkle into those moments make life so much more fun, loving, and dare I say, even romantic?

All it takes to make the ordinary more extraordinary is a simple change in mindset:

From Critical and faultfinding in our lives to finding ways to Respect and deeply admire who we are in our lives.

From Contemptuous to seeing our lives, as they exist right now as Worthy of our attention, care and a little elbow grease.

From Defensive to open and vulnerable to our everyday selves, and every day moments. What if we take the time to surrender to them, and be present for them.

From Stonewalling to fully Participating in our lives and ordinary moments.

Take the time today, to find a quiet moment and bring Respect/Admiration, Worthiness and Validation, Openness and full Participation to your routine and daily life. It’s one of the best ways you can begin to love yourself and your life.



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